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RT @Variety: Could “#ImitationGame” get Benedict Cumberbatch an Oscar? http://t.co/0roArVIcAz http://t.co/GYjqXTrvOA

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The Ultimate Pixar Playlist - Disney Blogs

This was a fun little discovery.

RT @VanityFair: Imagined Conversations: How did Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney react to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding? http://t.co/2oSUyemvVc

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Lying comfortably in bed, enjoying the sounds of rain outside. Then your bladder says, “Does anyone else hear rushing water?”

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Imagined Celebrity Connections: How Did Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney React to Brad Pitt...


You Are Not the President of Sears

Not just the suit, he looks so haggard.

Pink Unicorn tie. Silkscreened microfiber necktie, standard or narrow width.

Okay friends, it’s AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION TIME! My dear friend, Erin Nies, has found me the perfect accessory to kick of the new season of Houston Ballet next week in style! All I need is your help in choosing the color. Your choices are:

Berry ink on black
Berry ink on sky blue
Berry ink on pink
Berry ink on light pink
Berry ink on olive
Berry ink on burgundy

Vote for your choice in the comments by noon on Friday, August 29. I gotta get this baby ordered and shipped by next Thursday!

Looks like all this ice bucket stuff will calm down just in time for us to wear pink clothes.

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The Women of 'Friends' Reunite on Kimmel

Interesting he was able to pull this off on ABC. I’d be a little miffed if I was NBC.

Thank you @HouTheaterDist for a great TENTH Theater District Open House! 5 w/ @spahouston, 2 as a volunteer and 3 w/ @HoustonFirst!

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